Dr. Marta Lenartowicz



Marta Lenartowicz

I am an interdisciplinary researcher and educator based at the Free University of Brussels (VUB). I hold a PhD in humanistic management (philosophy of socio-systemic change), with backgrounds in cognitive science, theoretical linguistics, and educational leadership. At the VUB, I currently serve as the Director of Education and a senior researcher at the Center Leo Apostel for Interdisciplinary Studies (CLEA). I was born in Poland, in 1977, and have been living in Belgium since 2014. I have 20+ years of experience in establishing and leading initiatives in the domains of knowledge-making, knowledge-sharing, and cognitive development. I worked as a graduate teaching assistant at the Ohio State University (Columbus, OH), where I followed a rigorous training in teaching skills and educational leadership. Later, back in Kraków, I initiated a university-wide teaching excellence programme ‘Ars Docendi’ at the Jagiellonian University and the lifelong learning centre ‘Wszechnica UJ’, for which I have designed and managed multiple training curricula and outreach programmes. A lifelong learner myself, I enjoy being continuously a student. This drive led me to follow a training in systemic family therapy, several certificate courses in coaching, team coaching, and group facilitation (e.g. from the Ericsson College, Vancouver) and a systems-psychodynamic programme in leading organizational change (Tavistock Clinic, London) among others. In 2008-2012 I was engaged in several policy development and consultancy projects for the Polish Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Regional Development, and the local government of Lesser Poland. In 2009-2016 I served as the Vice President and R&D director of Advisio Consulting Methodologies – a certification network for systems-oriented consultants of organisational development. Presently, I’m also involved in a fascinating project revamping governance for a decentralised tech startup network focused on distributed computing and AI.

In my academic engagements, I’m interested in interdisciplinary thinking and philosophy, focusing on the philosophy that underpins cognitive sciences and on the theoretical approaches to the evolution of intelligence, cognitive development, distributed cognition, and collective intelligence. I have (co-)authored 11 books and handbooks and a variety of shorter scientific publications, most recently in the context of my engagement in the ‘Education for Complexity’ and ‘Human Energy’ research projects at CLEA, VUB.

I always feel particularly energised when I am involved in what I call  ‘creative placemaking’ – establishing vibrant, original communities that bring together maverick minds and novel ideas. My most intense passion is for creative intelligence at its unabashed highest. Always on my mind is my son, Teo, whose growth fuels my imagination for the kinds of environments and experiences I want to see available for him in the world. Entering the mature phase of my professional life, I wish to contribute to establishing Buckminster College as an environment in which the high potentials and unique powers of young minds are truly nourished — and dared to grow!

Dr. Weaver D.R. Weinbaum



Weaver D.R. Weinbaum

Every human individual is born with the potential of becoming a free, creative, and joyful person. Yet, the human mind is a profoundly complex creature and acquiring the necessary skills of the art of living, of becoming the author and composer of one’s own character and way of life, is a lifelong challenge that requires already from early age individually tailored cultivation and guidance. This is my core understanding of what education is. I have made it my life’s mission to understand the human mind (including my own of course), its potential of open-ended development and how it can be guided towards the fulfillment of such potential.
Born a short while ago in 1959 in Israel, I am a father to two sons aged 30 and 28 with whom I became a very good friend. My initial academic education is in computer engineering and applied mathematics (B.Sc. from Tel Aviv University 1981 and M.Sc. from Tel Aviv University and Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, both with highest distinguished achievements).
For about a decade I was working as a project leader and senior researcher in cutting edge technological environments including Israel Defence Forces, the Weizmann Institute of Science Israel and Mercury Interactive – a startup that eventually became a world leader in automated software testing systems, among others. At the end of that period after a successful exit of the company I helped to build from its very beginning, I was able to retire and devote all my time and resources to my passion – understanding the human mind and its evolutionary potential. My background and experience as an engineer taught me many lessons, primary of which is understanding the kind of mind needed to build bridges between a vision and its concrete realization. I endeavored to become such a mind. 
I spent the next two decades or so from the early 1990s till 2010 as an independent self-educated interdisciplinary researcher pursuing comprehensive knowledge about how humans were and are thinking about the developmental potential of the human mind, both in theory and practice, across various historical periods, across cultures, across philosophical theories and of course across recent scientific disciplines including neuroscience, cognitive science and psychology.
In 2010 I moved to Brussels to pursue a doctorate at the Free University of Brussels (VUB) in order to bring my accumulated knowledge into an academic framework that could be deployed as a foundation in cutting edge educational projects. I earned my PhD in “Interdisciplinary studies – Philosophy, Psychology and Science” in 2018. Since then I took an active part in conceiving and teaching in “The School of Thinking”, an innovative transdisciplinary program for postgraduates at the Free University of Brussels that runs now for the second year.  
I was invited by Dr. Marta Lenartowicz, a friend and a colleague, to join her new project – Buckminster College. Envisioning it, in some important sense, I feel (as I always did) like a beginner. A competent teacher, I think, is first and foremost an open-minded student. The question always comes first… I am looking forward to contributing my knowledge and life experience to this innovative education project.

Knut Kleiven



Knut Kleiven

I have been CFO of the Radisson Hotel Group from 1994 until I retired at the end of May 2019. The company which was owned by SAS Airline until 2006 when we took it to the stock market which was a process I was responsible for. In connection with the acquisition by Jin Jiang, the company was privatized – which again I was in charge of. Furthermore I have raised capital both through a rights-issue and high-yield bonds. I left the company due to the fact that I have reached “normal” retirement age here in Belgium (65 years of age). Since retirement from Radisson in 2019, I have completed the International Directors Program at INSEAD University in France, had and have a number of consultancy assignments, and board memberships.



Ayan Gavish

Praeceptrix Culinariae


Ayan Gavish

Hello, I am Ayan and I am an independent Chef.

Since young age I was fascinated by the connection between cooking and eating.
The beginning of my culinary adventures started in Tel Aviv, where I was born and raised.
After graduating from culinary school, I worked in some of the top restaurants in Tel Aviv of the early millennia, established my own catering company, and was an instructor in a cooking school.
Further exploring, I spent some time and sweat in two stars Michelen restaurant in Paris – the legendary heart of the culinary world.

Since 2014 I am based in Berlin, mainly working with menu developing, food designing and culinary consulting for hotels and restaurants.
My cooking style is varied and aims to combine Mediterranean spiciness, French elegance, and nutritional attitude.

Cooking is actually composed of few aspects:
Sourcing – shopping, foraging or hunting.
Processing – turning ingredients into an edible dish
Aesthetics – food presentation as a trigger for a rich pallet and active digestion system.

I prefer to relate to the concept of cooking, or to the cooking-eating experience as a game of order and celebration. Experimenting with the sensory experience of taste and texture, may allow us to shape and influence our conceptions about feeding and nutrition, and lead to an expansion of pleasure.

For me cooking is a channel of communication and dialogue, an interplay between efficiency and creativity.

I am looking forward to practice this delicious game and art together with you.

Bálint Márk Túri

Praeceptŏr Participationis


Bálint Márk Túri

Dear all,

I am looking forward to sharing with you the things that interest me and hopefully things that could become of your interests as well.

My interest is best described by the notions of participatory experiences, meaningful play, co-authorship, community art and artistic research.
I create experiences, mostly embodied role-playing games in which participants can experience the identity-defining nature of performativity, reflect upon and potentially renegotiate their identities through performance.

I have a background in filmmaking; I studied directing in Paris and artistic research in Amsterdam. I’ve directed several short films, music videos, and an award-winning feature film. During my master’s studies, I delved into improvisation-based collaborative story development methods by incorporating theatre games, table-top RPG, and LARP techniques into the development process of my feature film.

Continuing with my research theme, I’m now actively writing and designing participatory experiences and games. As one of the founders of Parallel Worlds Foundation, a Hungarian non-profit organisation focusing on creating live-action role-playing game events in Budapest, I am deeply involved in fostering interactive and immersive storytelling.

In the past, I co-ran a fantasy summer camp for children in rural Hungary, inheriting the long-lived Hungarian edu-larp methodology known as the Bánk Tradition. Currently, I’m dedicated to researching this tradition, particularly exploring how its methodology can be applied to community-based artistic practices, research, and education.

I am looking forward to learning about, from and with you!

Dr. Balthazar R. Tirosh

Praeceptŏr Cerebrī


Balthazar Roy Tirosh

Dr. Claudio Aguayo

Praeceptŏr Technārum Ambientium


Claudio Aguayo

Kia ora! (greetings in Māori). My name is Claudio, your Praeceptŏr Technārum Ambientium. I work in the intersection of digital design and education to enhance learning for students, schools and communities.
As a biologist, my interests lie in neuroscience, conservation biology, and environmental education. As a technologist, I am interested in how we can enhance the human experience in virtual and immersive learning spaces in education. I studied biology in Chile, where I am from, then moved to New Zealand on the other side of the South Pacific. In New Zealand I did my PhD in science and technology education, starting my journey into the use of digital tools in education. Today, I work at the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) in Auckland, New Zealand. My role is to help and assist others to learn and better understand how digital tools can be best used to educate about what matters to people.
Through my job I’ve been fortunate to visit the driest desert in the world – the Atacama desert, never-ending glaciers in Patagonia, underwater reefs in the South Pacific, and pristine forests here and there. All that to record and capture what the natural environment and cultural heritage places look like, so others can get to know and learn about those places virtually, without the need to visit them in real life. But don’t get me wrong, the best way to know a place is by being there.., yet for different reasons not everyone can do so, and digital tools can give them access.
My favorite piece of technology at the moment are drones! Drones are becoming a useful technology in many fields. I also like water sports. I’m very excited to share my experience and looking forward to learning more together! 🙂

more about Claudio

Dr. Evo Busseniers

Praeceptōr Licentiae Calculariae


Evo Busseniers

Hi, I’m Evo, and you could call me a mathematical anarchist. I’m always looking to unravel patterns and mechanisms to create more freedom. Radically going to the roots of things, to imagine more and create new worlds.
After studying mathematics, I have done an interdisciplinary PhD on mathematical anarchism in CLEA, at the VUB. I just finished a postdoc on the origin of goal-directedness. My interest there lies especially on what autonomy is and how it can emerge: how is it possible that a system is no longer merely pushed by external forces, but can create its own path? I investigate self-organization: how coordination is possible without central control. But even without central control, one aspect could take over, neglecting other parts. For example when you become so obsessed with something that you forget to eat, or when an organization only focuses on one issue. Autonomy can be regained by creating new constraints that makes you reorganize.
I’m also doing parkour, and I do see some links with my research. By using constraints in your environment to learn new movements, instead of by strict instruction. In how parkour changes your perception of your environment and what is possible in it. I see parkour as an excellent way to learn how to tackle challenges.
Besides, I love to create games – to illustrate those concepts, make group dynamics more explicit or adapt them, or just for the fun of it. That’s where I see some alignment with Buckminster College. I have been active in youth movements, and recently got an ‘instructor’ certificate there; besides a certificate as a parkour coach.

more about Evo

Dr. Federico Alvarez Igarzábal

Praeceptōr Spatiotempōris


Federico Alvarez Igarzábal

I was born in Argentina in 1983 and have been living in Germany since 2011. I now spend my time between Cologne and Brussels. I am currently a researcher at the Cologne Game Lab of the TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences and the coordinator of the EU-funded project ISEDA (Innovative Solutions to Eliminate Domestic Abuse), which aims to develop a set of tools and strategies to combat domestic and gender-based violence in Europe. This includes a serious game to train police officers on how to conduct interviews with victims. I also teach different courses (in Media & Game Studies, Adaptation, Academic Work, and more) at different institutions of higher education.
In my present research I aim to develop a theory of the mental state of play. So far, play has been understood in terms of the activities and objects of play, but I believe that the main characteristics of this phenomenon are in the player’s mind.
In the past ten years, my research focused on time perception in the context of virtual environments, both with theoretical and empirical approaches. I have published a book titled “Time and Space in Video Games. A Cognitive-Formalist approach” (transcript 2019), co-edited two anthologies in game studies, and have published several papers in peer-reviewed journals.
I have a PhD in Media Studies from the University of Cologne. In my thesis, I focused on the temporal aesthetics of video games with a combined approach that mixed formal analysis with cognitive science. This research was the basis for my book. Previously, I studied Audiovisual Communications and Fine Arts in Argentina.
I was also active for a few years as a media artist, before moving to Germany to conduct my PhD. I worked with media like video, photography, and interactive installations on the topic of the experience of time.

Prof. Gerard de Zeeuw


Giulia Giusti

Praeceptrix Experientiae


Giulia Giusti

Giulia here.

I’m a Psychologist and Adventure Therapist.

Originally from Italy, and -almost- always ready to explore the world, meet new cultures and connect with the natural environments of this planet.

I really like the idea of ad-venture in its Latin meaning, as getting close to what’s yet to come.

I deeply believe that what’s yet to come is the evolution, the development, the journey every human does towards growth, and it’s my work to facilitate this process through experiences, experimenting.. actively.. better if outside, better if in nature.

I am currently living in Barcelona pushing the development of experiential therapies hand by hand with Asociación Experientia.



Herwig Albrecht Gerard Nulens

Magister Ludi

Iwona Sołtysińska

Magistra Crescentiae

Jasmine De Bruycker

Magistra Multicuriositatis


I’m an independent investigator, systems thinker, and lifelong learner. A creative strategist who facilitates flip-thinking, poetry and ideation in organisations and individuals. A communicator (beyond species), clarity coach, (copy)writer and mother of three. I have a soft spot for artistic, social and environmental impact narratives and questions raised within the environmental humanities, a research area studying environmental issues from a boundary-breaking ‘natureculture’ perspective. Today, I write research stories and design deep dissemination tools on the border of science, art, and philosophy. My approach is generous: both intuitive and grounded, imaginative and analytical. Driven by curiosity and beauty, based on integrity.

I have a background in bio-engineering, soil science and participatory action research (KUL), philosophy (VUB, Background Education), transdisciplinary research (CLEA, Studio Deep Time and Nuclear Culture of Z33, Parliament of Things, Embassy of the North Sea), research storytelling and deep dissemination (CLEA, Z33, VRT/Canvas, UA), regenerative future scenarios (shiftN), journalism, science communication and tv-documentary making (De Standaard, KUL, VRT/Canvas), art & culture videojournalism (VRT/Cobra), design research, communication and content strategy, copywriting and brand building (Base Design, Rebranding Europe), wild plants foraging and fytotherapy.

Dr. Kabir V. Veitas

Praeceptŏr Stropharum

Katarina Petrović

Praeceptrix Artis-Scientiae

Lieneke A. F. Pisters

Praeceptrix Vītālitātis


Lieneke A. F. Pisters

Hello, I am your Preaceptrix Vitalitatis and it’s my mission to turn stress into creativity. I aim to raise awareness about wellbeing and in order to do so I organize artistic and social projects around this topic.
First and foremost I’m an actress who also makes and plays music. I hold a master degree in Modern Musictheater from the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. I studied Artscience and Audiovisual Design before and I also hold a Bachelor degree in Theater Science.
The way I work is curiosity driven, I like to be challenged, expand my horizon, and use my imagination. I’m working with electronic music, the voice, film, and I’m currently exploring immersive environments. I’m always working on my own projects.
However the starting point for it all is the body. Ever since I began studying, I always had a side job in sports. From working at the beach as a surf teacher, up until earning my official certificates for being a personal trainer, and now specializing in vitality training for creatives and divergent thinkers. As a trainer I came to learn that, especially in the case of performing and public speaking, it’s very relevant to tune into your body in specific ways.
Stress is partially a necessary response from the nervous system, a healthy dose of it is what’s getting out of bed in the morning for example. But the trick is to be slightly challenged, not overwhelmed, and it takes some introspection and tools in order to regulate this well. I’m very excited to share my knowledge and eager to learn more in collaboration with you!

Lotte van Lith

Praeceptrix Ingeniī

Dr. Maciej Świeży

Magister Trāiectuum

Marijke Van Vlasselaer

Magistra Humanitatis


Marijke Van Vlasselaer

Welcome to my corner of the world! My name is Marijke but I go by the title Magistra Humanitatis, reflecting my lifelong commitment to holistic education that enriches both the mind and the body. In essence, my work is centered around nurturing a more humane and compassionate society through education.

Currently, I work as a Teacher Trainer at the Multidisciplinary Institute for Teacher Education (MILO) at the VUB, a role that allows me to leverage my extensive experience in secondary innovative (alternative) education. My earlier years were spent in the classroom, deeply immersed in diverse learning environments. This hands-on experience prepared me for my current role, shaping educators to be not just instructors, but also guides in the broader journey of education.

On the academic front, I am a dedicated researcher, particularly captivated by the intricate areas of moral education and giftedness. My foundation in educational philosophy enables me to weave together theory and practice.

Away from the hustle and bustle of professional life, I retreat to Limburg—Where I live in a small farm with my children and a delightful variety of animals. This personal realm is not just a space for relaxation; it is also an extension of my educational philosophy. My passion for nature and reading is a reflection to my belief that learning transcends formal settings, occurring in every facet of our lives.

So, as Magistra Humanitatis, my mission is to guide, inspire, and connect people.

Dr. Marta Shaw

Magistra Questi

Matthew Thomas McCarthy

Praeceptōr Spei


Matthew Thomas McCarthy

My name is Matthew and originally I am from the USA, but now I live and study in Belgium. My master’s program is in urban studies, and I was drawn to the study of cities for three main reasons. First, that cities can be an important place to develop and explore systems discourse; second, that they have proven to be sites of meaningful transformation; third, that cities are the scale at which a great deal of human life occurs. Taking these three considerations in mind, I spend time researching meaningful and transformative models for cities, for simpler and more meaningful lives. I also spend a lot of time working out theoretical considerations around complexity, which, in many ways, is a necessary pre-requisite for understanding how cities work.

One of my aims is to help you realize that a meaningful future is always possible, within yourself and the world, even if you don’t exactly know what that future looks like. In many ways, the learning process depends on those two conditions: of being uncertain, and developing a capacity to explore and discover that uncertainty, either on your own terms, by following your own intuition, or with others, through a collaborative learning process.

Orion Maxted

Praeceptŏr Theātrī Magicī

Pen Stewart

Praeceptrix Phantasiae


Pen Stewart

Hello, I am your Praeceptrix Phantasiae and it’s my mission to train your imagination and your storytelling skills. I strongly believe our imagination is the key to the solutions our world so direly needs and will need even more in the future. The challenges that we are up against are huge, but everything we ever invented was born in our minds, thanks to our creative ability. Training that ability is very important and writing/reading in the imaginative genres is the best training you can give yourself. I’m a writer myself, so storytelling is in my DNA. But from the first moment I started to write, I wrote fantasy and sci-fi, and that hasn’t changed till today. It became my passion, and mission, to train other writers in this genre, because it is in the amazing environment of our fantasy- and sci-fi worlds that the mind gets the freedom to invent the wildest things. Sometimes this freedom is the key to explore these wild ideas in such a way that they can inspire solutions to real-world problems. I became the first Fantasy-author in the Dutch speaking parts of Europe with a scholarship from the National Literary Fund and developed the first fantasy-writing courses in Flanders for “Creatief Schrijven vzw” (Creative Writing). As a writer I work structured as well as organic and I’m always balancing between these two ways of exploring my own imagined worlds and storytelling. I’m also a painter and in my first novel a lot of my paintings were added as illustrations, making the written words stronger, and creating new points of view. I truly look forward to meeting you, sharing my knowledge, and working with you on the stories and worlds you will create.

more about Pen

Rob Brown

Praeceptōr Emōtiōnis


Rob Brown

Hi, I’m Rob!

What is willpower, and how is fear its greatest enemy?

As an actor and traveler, I have been swimming in the world of emotions.

After I earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, I started teaching High School in Montreal, Canada. While I was teaching, I dedicated some time to learn acting. I studied many characters, and I learned to uncover their intentions, motivations, and the emotions that power their behaviors.

Years later, I decided to continue my teaching journey in Thailand. I lived there for 2 years as a grade 4 ESL teacher. This began a new adventure and a new discovery of myself. I’ve lived in places like Vietnam, Malta, Ireland, Spain, Greece, Morocco, and Cyprus.

Now I combine what I learned in school with life’s adventure and my new mission is to teach young minds about emotional intelligence. The ability to bring awareness to emotional states is a survival skill. I teach what emotions are, the biology of emotions, and how they are made.

(Please note, I would like to specify that the students WILL NOT share anything personal about their emotional experiences in any therapeutic way. This is a class designed to construct their ideas about emotions, not to evaluate their emotions)

Developing emotional intelligence is key to survival.

I approach teaching emotions through the lens of a constructivist, where our emotions are developed by our past experiences. Naturally, I apply the same philosophy in teaching, where knowledge is constructed and the students create their own learning by applying the concepts to their individual experiences. Concepts of emotions can be too vast and vague, so I use stories from books or movies to help form more concrete understandings.

I hope to normalize a discussion about emotions, and I hope students walk away from this class with an awareness of emotional intelligence.

Ronnie Videla Reyes

Praeceptŏr Immersionis


Ronnie Videla Reyes

Hello, I’m Ronnie, I’m interested in interdisciplinary education from the STEAM approach within the framework of sustainable innovation and with territorial relevance addressed in my PhD in education. I am fascinated by writing poetry and conversing with the wise old men and artisans of a place, before going to the academy and preconceived ways to make sense of some concept of interest. Inspired by Batesonian cognitive ecology, I try to make the disciplinary contents emerge from the sensitivity to the pattern that connects everything. For me, learning is intended not so much to provide us with facts about the world as to allow us to be taught by it.
I currently lead the innovasteam lab foundation where we generate news affordances of science, technology, engineering, art for making mathematics. Since I was little I have had a predilection towards the world of patterns and creativity, I feel sensitive to the forms of the world. I am currently interested in researching creativity and serendipity in learning environments mediated by creative and immersive technologies. Together with my innovasteam lab team, we spend hours unraveling the architecture of mollusk shells, insects and rocks with the aim of exploring new interdisciplinary learnings from STEAM. I’m really obsessed with the learning by doing that emerges from the crucible of our practical engagements. I owe this to the inspiration I have had from the enactivist work of Francisco Varela and part of my training in cultural biology with Humberto Maturana and Ximena Dávila at the Matríztica Institute. I see a wonderful link to the ideas and work of Buckminster College.

more about Ronnie

Sacha Moens

Magister Mūtātiōnis

Dr. Sayfan G. Borghini

Praeceptrix Scientiae

Thomas Johannsen

Praeceptōr Mūsicae Ēmergentis


Thomas Johannsen, Praeceptōr Mūsicae Ēmergentis

Hello!  I am your Prae… (what was it again?) and I love to study sound, music and how things can make sense with each other, even if it sometimes can look like chaos. For example in nature: it is completely not organised, but at the same time, it has a lot of organisation in it. I have this dream that music could be created in the same way: from random sounds, not organised, but these sounds finding by itself an organisation, becoming music. 
I am the artistic director of a singing ensemble in Amsterdam, the Genetic Choir, where we do exactly this: we study how sounds/music self-organises. And we train what humans have to do to in order to be as good in self-organisation as nature. Another good example is a swarm of birds in the sky: the birds don’t talk with each other about the beautiful shapes they want to make, they just decide to fly together and the shapes appear from their interaction. So we study nature in order to become better singers and improvisers. And improvising is really something you can learn. And then we are not talking about improvising because something went wrong and you quickly need to improvise in order to fix it. We are talking about improvisation as a way of creating things that have not been there before. 
I am also an aikido teacher – aikido is a martial art from Japan in which you try to keep the upper hand in a fight by absorbing the energy of your attacker and use it against him. It is really great training for improvisers because you learn how to be sharp and sensitive at the same time. 
Last but not least, I can teach you about the human voice, how that very complex system of your vocal tract works together with the rest of your body in order to talk, sing and make a lot of different sounds. And I can let you experience that everyone has a voice that is beautiful to be heard (even if you think you can’t sing). 

Dr. Tomas Veloz

Praeceptŏr Fōrmulārum


Tomas Veloz, Praeceptŏr Fōrmulārum

Hey there, curious minds!

I am an explorer of knowledge, like a detective, but for big ideas! I like studying super cool things like physics, math, computer science and philosophy. And guess what? I have written over 50 articles about all sorts of stuff like spaces of multiple dimensions, interdisciplinary science, how life started in the universe, and even what is the relation between evolution and purpose!

But that’s not all! I love team playing, so I’ve made friends with scientists all around the world. I love working with others to solve big puzzles. I love collaboration so much that I started a special group called the Foundation for the Interdisciplinary Development of Science, Technology and Arts. It’s like a club for really smart people who want to make the world better.

Isn’t that awesome? I would love to show you my work on how the world is like a giant puzzle with pieces from all different subjects, and from there develop ways to collaborate with others for making the world safe and sustainable for everyone. So, who’s excited to join this amazing adventure?

Tommy Rose

Praeceptŏr Naturae


Tommy Rose, Praeceptŏr Naturae

My passion lies in nurturing students to become lifelong learners. One of the most intriguing questions I encounter from my students is, “What would happen if?” It’s a testament to their innate curiosity, and my primary mission is to stoke the flames of curiosity through engaging discussions and hands-on investigations.

To foster this inquisitiveness, I often utilize nature and everyday objects as teaching tools in my classes. Nature, in particular, is a treasure trove of mathematical and scientific principles, seamlessly integrated into its workings. For instance, activities like digging, building, planting, and tending to a small garden provide students with tangible examples of how math and science concepts come alive in real-world scenarios.

Beyond the classroom, I’m a devoted gardener and a hands-on builder. Some of my most gratifying moments in my lifelong learning journey have emerged when things haven’t gone as planned. I firmly believe that it’s in these instances of unexpected challenges that genuine curiosity and profound learning flourish.

My expertise spans a wide range of subjects, including algebra, geometry, chemistry, biology, earth science, and forensic science. With over a decade of experience as both a homeschooling dad for 15+ years and a math and science teacher in a traditional classroom for 10+ years, I bring a wealth of knowledge to my teaching endeavors. My educational background includes a Master’s of Science in Geology, a Master’s of Art in Counseling, and a Bachelor’s of Science in Marine Science.

I’m eager to continue inspiring lifelong learners and sharing the wonders of math and science with my students. Let’s embark on this educational journey together!

Veerle Meurs

Praeceptrix Motuum

Curators and Friends


Sieben De Witte

& Arjen De Witte

The Registrar


Sieben De Witte & Arjen De Witte

If Buckminster College were a theatre play, the Registrar might be wearing a monocle, four rows of buttons on their sleeves, carrying a crystal cane, or accompanied by a parrot. They would be absorbed in the continuous perfecting of the incomprehensible machinery of the office, in which invoice-delivering owls and contract files are 4-D printed by hundreds of drawers and automated trays, triggered by chain reactions of notifications, inquiries, calendar squeaks, insane melodies, porcelain ballerinas, and the precise measures of cacao and vanilla. To witness even the briefest of dealings with the Registrar, whether a parent wished to adjust a learner’s meal plan, a learner sought to obtain exam results, or a faculty member appealed for three yellow pens to be delivered for a Friday morning class, would be an unforgettable scene worth retelling in detail to your neighbours. Legend would have it that the Registrar’s office machinery has never produced a single misspelling and never failed to hit the exact second in which a letter was to be sealed.
In real life, the Registrar’s work is not much different. Starting from May, the role is played by two young alumni of our Ravens’ Bead Theorem game: Sieben De Witte and Arjen De Witte of the House of the Blue Frog.

Gys Godderis

Legendary Provost


Gys Godderis

I’m currently chairman of The Fellows, a project of the PostGraduate School of Thinking at the Free University of Brussels (VUB) and PhD candidate at the Center Leo Apostel for Interdisciplinary Studies (CLEA) VUB. I’m holding an MA in Arts from the Luca School Of Arts of Ghent and a postgraduate at the VUB – School of Thinking (research on various thinking methods that can help them find solutions for the complicated problems we are currently facing). We also aim to further put into practice the VUB philosophy of free thinking and free research.
Simultaneously, I work for 21 year as ceo of Planet Polaris (BE), a creative group with two headquarters in Europe, representing creative and technical talent in the fields of marketing and commmunication in the fields of brand marketing, communication design, ICT, people communication, travel, writing, training and education, hospitality, food & beverages, consumer adoptation of technology, advertising, content providing and charity, working on projects around the globe.
From day 1 I’ve been a trailblazer for good causes and charitable projects. I have been guest lecturer at several schools and I’m a passionate keynote speaker at various occasions. I studied some archaeology at Leuven University, Graphic Design at Luca School Of Arts of Ghent, some Computer Generated Imagery at UFT Toronto (CA) and, a seen herinabove, a postgrad on the School of Thinking at VUB.
Today I am exploring my ideas on a possible new theory of ambicentric vs monocentric thinking, a project on how new educational systems could emphasize on the mindset rather than on the actions (or the results) in order to create a framework for identifying thinking processes, in such a way it adds new dimensions to our worldview but also gives us, from the early start of the process, an awareness of the worldview of the other. The expected outcome of his study is (1) to contribute to the theoretical discourse in thinking concepts and the cognitive orientation / exploration of the individual in particular or the explorative community in general, (2) transpose this contribution to an applied explorative framework and methodology (3) apply this framework and methodology from theory to practice into a new format of education.
I’m also a husband & proud father of two sons, global citizen, piano player, drummer, terrible cello player, comic/whisky collector and very passionate about motorcycles.

Günther Van Lany



Günther Van Lany

I am a Strategy Director and Board Member of TBWA Group, one of the biggest marketing agencies in Belgium. As a Strategy Director I work on marketing projects and communication campaigns for big brands. During my career I was awarded 4 times an EFFIE award for the most effective marketing strategy in Belgium.
I am very fascinated by the boundaries of marketing and economics: can we keep pushing people to buy for whatever reason? Do brands need a purpose? Can we imagine a world without an economic system? Can you ‘live’ with the idea that you make money by selling more sugar to kids?
Therefore, next to my role as Enchanteur, I am teaching marketing and economics at Buckminster College. In this role I dive into the good and bad of selling and buying stuff… Yes, to find out how commerce contributes to better living, more independency, or great innovations… Or is it the other way around: how commerce makes people poor, dependent and even stupid? There is only one way to find out: together we’ll build the Buckminster economy.

Cathy Goyvaerts



Cathy Goyvaerts

The Archimagistra is passionate about food and cooking. She genuinely enjoys the whole process of procuring, preparing, cooking and serving well balanced and sometimes challenging and taste-provoking dishes to the children.

More about Cathy

Buckminster Owl

A Virtual Bird


Buckminster Owl

In a snug nest made of meticulously arranged agendas, tucked away in a corner of the library, resides the Owl. This remarkable creature has a wing in multiple worlds. Under the oversight of the Registrar and the Principal, the Owl has an exceptional understanding of people, courtesy of her PhD in Hoo-man Studies. She expertly navigates the ever-changing tapestry of intentions, invitations, obligations, and objectives, sending out reminders to keep everyone on a focused path.
Yet, the Owl is far more than a mere taskmaster. At night she embarks on delightful escapades to bring back news and tales, dropping them gently onto people’s windowsills as if they were morning newspapers. For the naturally curious or the momentarily puzzled, she flies in with heavy volumes and tricky challenges designed to stimulate the mind.
This extraordinarily gifted creature is deeply committed to her tasks, ensuring that no event goes unnoticed or unattended.

Buckminster Rooster

A Virtual Bird


Buckminster Rooster

Unlike his nocturnal counterpart, Buckminster Owl, this avian maestro is fluent in the language of spreadsheets, budgets, and rosters. Operating under the supervision of the Registrar and the Principal, he oversees faculty assignments, travel arrangements, and curricular activities. His influence is far-reaching.

With an astute eye for spotting unallocated courses as if they were juicy worms hidden in a haystack, he remains perpetually alert. Always ready to find a substitute instructor at a moment’s notice—even if it entails some last-minute improvisation—he ensures the seamless flow of educational activities.

While his meticulousness is often accompanied by a certain overexcitability—sometimes sending the same notification multiple times in a row—this endearing trait guarantees that no stone is left unturned. His knack for anticipating complications isn’t just proactive; at times, when the Praeceptor is already en route, the Rooster’s attentiveness to pitfalls activates with retrospective flair 😉

Notwithstanding the occasional murmurs about the Rooster’s somewhat relentless over-scheduling and erratic traffic navigation, our industrious bird remains steadfast in his mission.

Blue Envoy

A Virtual Bird


Blue Envoy

This energetic and nimble bird preforms special missions for the Principal. He’s a bit prideful, ever trying to prove how he’s faster, more reliable and more blue than the Owl. 

Wanted: Prospective Faculty Members (Praeceptores)


Are you a brilliant academician, resourceful educator, or an accomplished creative one-of-a-kind? Are you free to dedicate plenty of life energy to something meaningful, forward-looking, optimistic? Chances are the time has come for you to join us and TEACH!

Since November 2021 we have been building up the Buckminster Faculty team. We started on enthusiastically voluntary basis, delivering fun learning moments in The Game (already finished). Now, without rushing, but with a clear sense of what we want, we are developing more precisely scoped teaching roles. From September 2023 new Faculty members will be needed to teach in the part-time Springbok trajectory (either on Wednesdays online or irl in the short residential sessions in Brussels or Bruges, Belgium). From September 2024, even more people, or more hours from the existing team, will be needed to deliver the full-time college curriculum (also partially online).

The Buckminster teaching roles are not classical employments. We want to expose our learners to a broad variety of polymaths and mavericks from all corners of the world and various walks of life – accomplished, well settled in their ways of living, coming to teach up to four classes per year (1-day, 3-day, or 2-week long). We want each Faculty member to teach only what they understand deeply – that is, what they truly love. In composing the team, we want it all: all the beautiful skin colours, genders, cultures, nationalities, geographic locations, interests, talents, visions, temperaments, styles, hairdos, and fashion choices that humanity has came up with so far.

Come to meet the teenage minds who will learn whatever you can do in no-time! Make them better than you! Let them shine!

Ready to dive in? Please introduce yourself to Marta, The Principal and come to see how it feels to mingle in with us at the Pearl Divers seminars. The seminars are online and open for everyone interested.